Six Reasons Why Bautex Is a Better Wall

The modern construction industry is evolving at a faster and faster pace. Structural integrity has been and always will be an important consideration, but architects, owners and contractors are now looking for ways to eliminate complications from the construction process. And who can blame them? Trying to adapt traditional wall construction methods to meet the latest codes can come with its share of complications, adding costs, time and increased chance for errors.

As the first new idea in wall structures to be developed in over fifty years, the Bautex wall system is truly innovative. Here are six of the reasons more and more architects, owners and contractors are considering the Bautex wall system for their one- to three-story buildings.

1. Simplicity

Minimalism is one of the most popular principles in construction. Rather than making buildings more complicated, the goal is to achieve superior performance with fewer rather than more products and systems. Simplifying a building reduces construction time and costs while also reducing the chances for construction errors.

Owners also like the reduced maintenance costs and improved long-term reliability that comes with simplified construction.

The Bautex wall system can be built up to twice as fast as traditional wall structures with one trade and one system.

2. Energy Efficiency

Constantly improving energy efficiency is a key issue in the construction industry. One of the latest improvements is the use of continuous insulation. Achieving this with traditional wall systems requires additional layers of insulation products and construction time. The Bautex wall system, on the other hand, incorporates continuous insulation, eliminating the need for added products and installation time. The Bautex wall system also meets or exceeds the latest building codes.

3. Fire resistance

Every building faces the possibility of a fire breaking out. The danger is especially high in facilities that contain flammable materials. Addressing issues related to the risk posed by fire remains a major safety concern. One of the key ways to mitigate this hazard is to use fire-resistant construction materials. Achieving fire resistance in building components has been a major challenge in the past, mainly because most fire-resistant materials were not known for their excellent thermal insulation properties. The Bautex wall system uses proprietary technology that combines remarkable insulation properties with 4-hour fire rating.

4. Sustainable Technology

Sustainability has been a buzzword for a while now in nearly all industries. The need for technologies that satisfy our current needs without compromising resources for future generations has never been more urgent. In the construction sector, the most direct approach to sustainability is the use of materials that are not extracted from our fast receding forests. Sustainable building materials are free from any toxic material such as volatile organic compounds, mold spores and carcinogens. Sustainability also means using energy-efficient building components that you can recycle, among other factors. The Bautex wall solution neatly fits into the sustainability profile, especially when it comes to energy efficiency.

5. Durability

Buildings are usually constructed to last for a long time. They should withstand the elements as well as potential extreme weather events and natural disasters. The Bautex wall system features a barrier that prevents both liquid air and moisture penetration – two factors which are the leading causes of gradual structural degradation and ultimate destruction over time. The Bautex composite, of naturally weather-resistant concrete and rot/rust-proof foam, brings a more durable building material to the world of construction that outperforms today’s conventional wall systems.

6. Superior Acoustics and Aesthetics

The Bautex wall system has inherent sound proofing qualities. This is an important issue in any building construction as it directly relates to maintaining privacy and managing noise levels. It, therefore, eliminates the need for additional layers of sound proofing materials, resulting in overall cost savings.

This allows buildings to be built closer to noisier locations like highways, airports and railroads while giving the building occupants a more comfortable, quieter environment.

You can learn more about the innovative Bautex wall system here.