7 Home Building Trends in Austin for 2018

austin home building trends

In 2018, Austin, Texas is experiencing a thriving economy and a hot housing market. According to Forbes 2018 list, Austin is one of the fastest growing metro areas in the country, with a current population of 790,390. The population of Austin is projected to increase by 2.75 percent. Fortunately, the job growth in Austin is predicted to increase by 3.00 percent and the wage growth by 6.90 percent in 2018.

These factors and more have created a flourishing housing market and a rise in new home starts in Austin. In fact, according to a recent Metrostudy’s 4Q17, Austin experienced decade-high housing starts of 16,058 in 2017 - the most housing starts since 2006. In addition, home prices in 2018 are projected to increase by 7.41 percent. With the boom in housing starts in Austin, seven home building trends are emerging that strive towards modern, safe, and energy-efficient homes. The trends aim to create homes that are sustainable, disaster-resistant, and healthy. Home building trends are also taking advantage of modular construction, smart home devices, and modern construction-technology. Finally, medium price range homes are the most desired new houses in Austin.

1. Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Homes

In 2018, a top home building trend in Austin is constructing energy-efficient and sustainable homes. An energy-efficient home has a tightly sealed thermal envelope, controlled ventilation, energy-efficient doors, windows, and high-efficiency heating and cooling systems. It is essential when creating an energy-efficient home in the hot-humid Central Texas climate to use thermal mass and continuous insulation wall systems.

A superb solution to building an energy-efficient home is the Bautex Wall System. The Bautex Wall System is a high thermal mass product that provides continuous insulation and reduces air and moisture infiltration. The Bautex insulated concrete blocks provide an R-14 continuous insulation that meets and exceeds the codes and standards of the (ASHRAE 90.1) Code (2015 IECC). An excellent example of a home in Austin that utilized Bautex Blocks is Auto Haus designed by MF Architecture and constructed by Risinger and Co. Builders

Auto Haus was designed to protect the owner’s fleet of expensive cars. The Bautex Wall System created an energy-efficient secure, safe, and moisture-resistant space for the cherished inventory stored in the Auto Haus. A top 2018 home building trend in Austin is energy-efficiency.

2. Disaster Resilient Home Building Design

Disaster-resistant home design is top on the list of 2018 home building trends in Austin.

Disaster-resistance includes flood- wind- and fire-resistance. Flood-resistant design in flood hazards zone should include elevated structures, materials that can get wet, and design assemblies that easily dry when exposed to moisture. Wind-resistant building design and construction must protect against strong wind and flying debris. Fire-resistant design of a home includes passive fire protection shields, and fireproof exterior walls, roofs, window, door, and vents. Fortunately, the Bautex Wall System meets all the criteria for constructing a wind- and fire-resistant home. An important 2018 home building trend in Austin is disaster-resistant home design.

3. Healthy Home Building Design

In 2018, an essential trend in home building design is creating a healthy home. A healthy home must have an indoor environment that is safe for the family. A healthy building design considers many indoor environmental factors, including good indoor air quality (IAQ). Good IAQ is achieved with proper installation of air and moisture barriers and avoiding materials with high-VOC emissions. An excellent option for preventing air and moisture infiltration to the interior of the structure is the Bautex Air and Moisture Barrier. Bautex Blocks also have zero percent VOC emissions. An important 2018 home building trend in Austin is healthy home building design.

4. Modular Home Building Design

Home building trends in Austin include modular construction. Home builders benefit from modular construction because it lessens construction time over traditional methods, like site-built wood framing, by more than 50 percent; saving homeowners both time in money. Modular home construction in trending in Austin, Texas.

5. Smart Home Building Design

Smart homes use controls to manage air conditioning, lighting, ventilation, heating, security, etc. Smart building technology allows homeowners to reduce energy use, optimize space, and support sustainability. Construction trends in 2018 in Austin include smart home designs that support the environment and save money.

6. Modern Construction-Technology in Home Building Design

A home building trend in Austin is the use of construction-technology, like safety-meeting mobile Apps and drones. These devices improve safety and job site efficiency.

7. Highest Demand for New Homes in Austin in the $200,000 to $300,000 Price Range

In Austin, homes priced between $200,000 and $300,000 are in the highest demand. According to Metrostudy, this price range accounts for almost half the new starts in 2017. A home building trend in Austin is towards mid-price-range and smaller homes.

In 2018, home building trends in Austin include sustainable, disaster-resistant, healthy, mid-priced homes that utilize smart devices. In addition, the use of modular construction and construction-technology are improving safety, job efficiency, and reducing overall construction time. A new home in Austin should be modern, safe, and sustainable.