Anatomy of a High-Performance Building

Contractors know that modern building owners will no longer settle for traditional designs, materials, and methods that waste energy and money. Pragmatic commercial building owners keep cost-effectiveness at the forefront, which includes energy efficiency. However, they are also not willing to compromise on a comfortable and visually appealing environment for their tenants. An energy efficient building combined with a desirable rentable space keeps profitability high. High-performance buildings combine cost-effectiveness with comfort.

High-performance buildings don’t just include a couple improvements here and there. This method of building design and construction looks at the entire commercial building as a whole. Ignoring any element of the building process can waste energy, money, and comfort. Each part of the design assists and enhances the others. When implemented properly, a high-performance building design will result in highlights like excellent indoor environmental quality, an environmentally responsible space, strength, safety, and cost-effectiveness.

A builder of high-performance commercial buildings understands how each part of the building contributes to the whole. This includes both passive and active construction features that make a building energy efficient and comfortable. For more information on how to build or renovate a high-performance building, check out the infographic below.

Bautex Systems knows what it takes to build a high-performance building through tried and true methods. These include passive strategies or methods that don’t require mechanical system intervention, like shading, ventilated facades, and proper building orientation for the direction of the sun. These methods make the building cooler and require less energy from air conditioning. Bautex Systems also uses active strategies in commercial buildings, such as using technologies like mass walls to ensure a tight building envelope that doesn’t let air leak in or out. Additions like energy-efficient LED lighting and local controls for HVAC systems in each office suite also ensure tenant comfort while maintaining energy efficiency.