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Amy Stone, P.E., on benefits of an engineered wall system

Engineering services simplify new wall system design, construction

Bautex Systems developed relationships with structural engineers including Outlier Engineering (link to news release) and 13th Level Engineers (link to other story hub article) to assist customers with specifying Bautex Block for their building envelope and interior wall systems. "Bautex Block is an innovative combination of the best parts of more familiar systems, such as traditional masonry and concrete,” explains Amy Stone, P.E., president of Outlier Engineering. “Working with Bautex customers, we can greatly simplify and shorten the design process by providing an engineered wall system that includes sealed structural engineering wall plans for their projects.”

Engineers use widely understood design specifications from the American Concrete Institute’s Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete - ACI 318. Stone says pre-engineered solutions have advantages. "A pre-engineered system means that when a building material or system is purchased, it comes with sealed engineering construction documents. A familiar example might be a metal building. The main benefit of a pre-engineered wall system is that it allows the project design team to use the product without having to become technical experts in the engineering of the system. There are other benefits, too. Since the design is completed by an engineer familiar with the product, it's very efficient and more cost effective. Also, since some of the design costs are deferred to the construction phase, it often makes financial sense to delay these incurred costs when possible. All three of these answers definitely apply to the pre-engineered Bautex Wall System."