A Simpler Approach to Building: Austin Roadshow Recap

Over 45 building professionals gathered in Austin, Texas for an AIA-approved course hosted by Bautex Systems in March. The course covered safe and efficient construction of insulated concrete block walls and demonstrated techniques for building durable and more resilient walls that can also be assembled quickly and with a fewer number of trades involved.

The attendees included architects, builders, engineers, and owners from a wide range of residential and commercial firms. Chris Leonard, Bautex’s Director of Operations and Technical Services, gave an overview of Bautex’s design and construction processes, reviewing the wall system’s performance data and design considerations.

Build Faster With Fewer Trades

Bautex’s Duane Holloway walked through the Bautex building process, answering questions from the audience as he built out the 8 by 7 foot wall (just over 53 square feet). Duane was able to build the wall in fifteen minutes, with the rebar placed, a window cut out and the wall formed, and braced.

The short build time demonstrated the schedule and labor savings that can be achieved using the Bautex Wall System. The Bautex team emphasized the following four-step approach to guarantee a successful wall pour.

  1. Planning: Have the right mix design approved, the right crew on site, and walls ready to pour.
  2. Pre-Wetting the Walls: Soak the Bautex walls with water prior to pouring. This soaking encourages concrete flow within the wall and proper curing.
  3. Consolidation: Have a concrete vibrator available to consolidate concrete when needed. Having the right high-flow, high-slump concrete ensures adequate flow through the wall’s cores.
  4. Verification: Visually watch and probe the wall, during and after pouring, to ensure concrete placement and consolidation.

Audience members were given the Bautex Installation Guide and Wall Pour Checklist, which further detail these steps.

The event gave attendees the opportunity to experience Bautex hands-on as well as build connections in the industry. For more information on a faster, simpler way to build, check out our upcoming tour dates.