StuccoMax is a very strong mineral-based exterior stucco that provides significantly higher durability and abuse resistance than traditional or synthetic stucco systems.

Abuse-Resistant Exterior Stucco

StuccoMax™ is a high performance exterior stucco that installs quickly over most wall substrates without the need for metal lath. The cured wall achieves a compressive strength over 3,500 PSI, providing protection from dents and a long finish life.

The system is applied as a one-coat "two-pass" process utilizing a fiberglass mesh, and can be installed with conventional plastering tools and methods.

StuccoMax can be installed directly over the Bautex AMB 20 line of air and moisture barriers, finished smooth or textured, and readily accepts paint. 


  • High impact resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Non-combustible material
  • Low shrinkage and cracking
  • High water & sulphate resistance
  • High freeze-thaw resistance



* PlasterMax™ and StuccoMax™ are trademarks of GigaCrete, Inc.