Interior and Exterior Finishes

The Bautex Wall System is flexible and adaptable, and can be finished inside and out with conventional finish systems from many different manufacturers.

Exterior Finishes

The exterior face of the Bautex Wall must always be protected with an appropriate air and moisture barrier, regardless of the exterior veneer selected. Once the air and moisture barrier is installed, most stucco, masonry and panel systems can be installed on the Bautex Wall.

StuccoMax™ abuse-resistant exterior stucco can be applied directly to the Bautex Air and Moisture Barrier to save time and labor and provide a durable building finish.


 - Two-coat synthetic stucco
 - One-coat mineral stucco


 - Brick
 - Stone
 - Thin Stone Veneer

Panel Systems

 - Rain Screen
 - Composite Siding


Interior Finishes

The interior face of the Bautex Wall in occupied spaces should always be finished with a hard surface material. Interior surfaces of the Bautex Wall above drop ceilings or in unoccupied spaces can be left unfinished as a cost reduction option.

Gypsum drywall can be directly adhered to the Bautex Wall with screws and foam glue, or can be attached to furring channels that are secured to the concrete cores of the Bautex Wall.

Plaster finishes, including PlasterMax™ abuse-resistant interior plaster, can be directly applied to the Bautex Wall to create a beautiful and long-lasting wall.


* PlasterMax™ and StuccoMax™ are trademarks of GigaCrete, Inc.