High-Performance Composite Material


EPS Cement Composite

Bautex simplifies construction and improved building performance by combining materials that perform better combined than each of the ingredients alone. Expanded polystyene(EPS) is lightweight and highly insulating. Cement is durable and fire resistant. The bautex EPS-Cement Composite provides a superset of properties: lightweight, insulating, fire resistant, resistant to mold and decay, and sound reducing.




Property Value Result
Density 22 lbs/ft³ Lightweight material that makes construction simpler
<100 lbs/in² Material is not loadbearing but durable for concrete pouring
R-Value R-1.84/in
R-14 c.i. system
Highly insulating
Fire Flame Spread: 0
Smoke Develop: 20
Class-leading fire resistance
Mold &
ASTM G21: 0 No mold or mildew growth
Sound STC: 51
OITC: 49
High sound reduction