The Bautex Wall System


Simpler faster better

A Complete Wall Solution.

The innovative Bautex Wall System simplifies construction by combining structure, enclosure, continuous insulation, and air and moisture protection in a single integrated assembly. With the Bautex Wall System, architects can specify a single integrated solution that can be installed by a single contractor, saving time, effort and cost. The use of Bautex provides a complete wall assembly ready for interior and exterior finishes.

  • Structure – Concrete grid support one to three story load-bearing applications
  • Envelope – Continuous wall system with no openings and no additional sheathing required
  • Insulation – Thermal mass wall with continuous insulation that exceeds building codes in Texas
  • Fire Resistance – 4-hour fire rating for added safety
  • Sound Proofing – System provides high sound reduction
  • Storm Safety – FEMA rated hurricane and tornado safe room material
  • Air & Moisture Protection – Fluid applied air and moisture barrier exceeds air permeance and above-grade moisture protection standards