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Bautex Systems is committed to helping architects, engineers, contractors and owners to construct sustainable and healthy buildings. Bautex provides an environmentally responsible wall system that creates efficient and resilient structures.

Our Sustainable Development Story

It is well understood that the buildings we live and work in consume a significant amount of the world’s resources. Combine this with the fact that the average American spends nearly 87% of their lifetime indoors, and it’s obvious that building sustainable facilities presents a significant challenge.

Nearly 75% of all U.S. electrical production is consumed in operating residential and commercial buildings. Therefore, it is vital to continuously improve building energy efficiency in order to meet national and global sustainability goals. Simply meeting building codes is not enough. The Bautex Wall System exceeds the latest energy codes for most of the U.S. by as much as 250% (2015 IECC), giving building owners reduced operating costs and higher long-term value.

Building a sustainable facility is as much about supporting and promoting human health, comfort, safety and welfare as it is about protecting natural resources. That’s why Bautex is dedicated to achieving a high indoor environmental quality (IEQ) by creating a more airtight and highly insulated building envelope. The Bautex Wall System reduces exterior noise transmission into the building interior and provides a healthy and comfortable environment for occupants.

While occupant safety and health are significant benefits of the Bautex Wall System, material and resource efficiency is also an intentional design feature. By recycling materials and water, reducing concrete and utilizing an integrated design, the wall system conserves resources and costs without compromising quality or performance.

That’s why you need the Bautex Wall System.


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The innovative Bautex Wall System contributes to sustainable construction programs by:

  • Reducing building life cycle energy consumption
  • Making financially and sustainably efficient use of materials and resources
  • Reducing environmental impact of building materials
  • Improving building occupant health, comfort, safety and welfare
  • Increasing building resilience and lifespan

Bautex’s sustainability initiative provides environmentally efficient buildings with improved energy performance, efficient use of materials, better indoor environmental quality and an increased lifespan.

For more information about how Bautex can help you meet your sustainability and construction goals, contact [email protected]

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