Architectural Design

The Bautex Block is the foundation of the Bautex Wall System and is manufactured using a patent-pending, automated high-output process that employs a unique composite mix of expanded polystyrene (EPS) and a proprietary cement-based matrix.

Lightweight. Fast. Flexible.

The Bautex Block is a stay-in-place concrete form that measures 16”x32” on the face, 10” through the wall, and is light enough at 45 pounds to be installed by a single worker. The Bautex Block is comprised of a lab-proven lightweight insulating composite material that includes:

  • Custom engineered expanded polystyrene (EPS)
  • Regionally sourced portland cement
  • Regionally sourced recycled cementitious material

Bautex Blocks are manufactured in San Marcos, Texas using a patent-pending high-output, automated, and patent-pending manufacturing process.

Bautex Block Means Design Freedom