Design Flexibility

The Bautex Block is a strong, lightweight, versatile concrete form that can be quickly and easily modified in the field to meet any design specification. With Bautex blocks, it’s easy to incorporate aesthetic or structural design elements into any building project.

Elegance. Strength.

Aesthetic Freedom
Both architects and builders benefit from the design flexibility of the Bautex Block. From arches to columns to radiused walls, even the most complex designs are simple to construct using Bautex Blocks that can be modified on site using conventional tools.

Structural Flexibility
The concrete grid system formed by Bautex Blocks provides substantial load bearing capacity, and can be the load bearing system for most one- and two-story buildings. Builders can achieve even greater structural capacity, if needed, by hollowing out Bautex blocks to form larger concrete columns or beams within the wall. Structural steel elements can also be seamlessly integrated into the wall system.


Bautex Block is Performance Tested