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First things first, let's get the question about our name out of the way. We know it's an unusual name, but there is method to our madness. Our name is pronounced "bough-teks" (rhymes with cow-tex). In a nod to the European heritage of insulating concrete forms (ICF), we chose to incorporate the German word root "Bau" into our name, which means "construction" or "building." So, together with "tex", the name "Bautex" is means "construction technologies of Texas."

Bautex Systems, LLC is a Texas-based manufacturer focused on developing building systems and products that simplify design and construction while delivering superior performance.

History of Composite ICF

Building construction using concrete has been far more common in Europe than in the United States over the last 50 years, so it is no surprise that innovations in concrete construction would start in Europe. In the 1940s, two Swiss inventors with Durisol AG developed a wood fiber and cement composite block using treated recycled wood fibers. These blocks were used as stay-in-place formwork for pouring insulated concrete walls. They obtained their first U.S. patent in 1957.

In the late 1960s, the Austrian company RASTRA® used the expanded polystyrene (EPS) and cement composite developed by BASF to create a similar stay-in-place concrete form, but with significantly more insulating benefits. The RASTRA insulating concrete forms expanded in use throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East, and was initially introduced to the U.S. market at the end of the 20th century.

Tested Solution, Better Technology

The speed, cost and performance benefits of composite ICF were very clear to the developers of Bautex Block, however the traditional method of manufacturing the blocks was expensive and did not provide the scale of production necessary to be commercially viable.

In 2008, Bautex began developing a faster, more accurate, and less expensive way to make a composite ICF product. The result was a fully automated manufacturing process that produces 1,600% more product than previous technology with 25% of the manufacturing personnel. Product accuracy, consistency, and quality control also enabled Bautex to achieve building code recognition from international code authorities. Bautex has received five U.S. patents on the process for manufacturing composite ICF blocks.

Bautex Enters the Southern U.S. Market

After several years of development, Bautex set up manufacturing operations at a new facility in San Marcos, Texas starting in March 2013. Bautex now serves commercial, government, and residential construction markets in Texas and the Southern United States from its manufacturing facility in the heart of the great State of Texas.