About Bautex Systems

Bautex Systems, LLC is focused on transforming the built environment by providing builders and architects with smarter, stronger, more versatile building materials and solutions.

In the course of leading a complex, multi-million dollar project that required a high-efficiency wall system, the company’s founders identified a critical need for new and better solutions for building energy-efficient commercial structures at costs that are competitive with traditional construction. They understood the changing landscape of construction design and building requirements and saw the potential for transformative innovations to existing building materials concepts.

Bautex took the best aspects of an existing European product concept and performed extensive R&D for redesigning the production process of a new composite block. The result is a wall system that can cost-effectively compete with traditional construction methods while offering superior energy efficiency and enhanced design capabilities.

Bautex Systems, LLC is headquartered in San Marcos, Texas and is ideally located to serve and supply commercial builders throughout the southwest United States.